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the ting tings

Yesterday The Ting Tings played live in Tokyo! When calculating backwards I recognized I’m getting old: I listen to their music now for roughly 9 years… Still their old songs are the best!! They played everything from shut up and let me go to clap your hands. Really good concert, just a little bit too short!

a little bit of craziness

Again some lazy posting weeks…
But a lot happened! Sascha and me visited Comiket, went to Kistune night with digitalism, had a firework in front of our window and most important:
got a lot of visitors in the last 2 months!! which means a lot of sightseeing in Tokyo, karaoke, maid cafe, purikia and one first-time-event: the Roboter Restaurant (ロボットレストラン).

For those who did not visit the place yet. Go there with some friends you can laugh a lot with, have some beer and enjoy the totally crazy, laser, robot, neon coloured, overloaded spectacle.
Thanks Magda & Kai, for convincing us to go there and thanks as well to Eike, Marcel, Vonne & Dely for a great time. Was fun to have you here 🙂

Fuji Rock Festival 2014

Ever been to a festival? Wherever you joined one: it is always fun of course!
But the Fuji Rock festival was as well something special for me!
2 days of perfect weather, nice camping area and good mixed line-up.
So what is the difference to a festival e.g. in Germany or anywhere else of the world? The behaviour! Some examples: Everyone is separating their trash, even on the festival area. Labels of the plastic bottles and the caps are carefully separated. No trash in front of the stages the toilets can be called clean – even after 3 days. I never found a toilet run out of toilet paper and I never saw anyone smoking a cigarette outside of the marked areas. Amazing!
And another difference: Everyone brings at least a chair into the festival area. The whole field behind the main stage area is crowded by people with portable chairs, pick-nick tables, their children and plastic sheets. Its like a family event with enormous loud music!
And now, I also understand why musicians love to come to Japan – they just shout “all hands in the air” –  and really EVERYONE is doing as asked. Creating a great mood!
All this packed with a beautiful surrounding, the Naeba skiing area decorated with glowing stars, hippie atmospheric paths trough the woods, stones watching you with painted eyes and on top a really international mix of music. I hope I can go there once more next year!


Käptn Peng vs. Toquiwa

Was für ein lustiger Abend!
Eigentlich hatte ich nicht damit gerechnet von 3 quietschigen japanischen Mädels im Cyclon, Shibuya in den Feierabend katapultiert zu werden. Aber man muss den Mädels von Toquiwa einfach lassen, sie haben den kleinen Club gleich am Anfang ganz schön eingeheizt. Nicht dass ich bei den Dezibel irgendetwas verstanden hätte…
der Haupt-Act war Käptn Peng & die Tentakel der Delphi (keine Chance für die japanischen Fans das jemals aussprechen zu können) und es war irgendwie völlig skurril deutschen HipHop live mitten im Tokio zu hören. Eins der besten Konzerte seit langem. Leider zu kurz!
Sehr schön war auch, dass die Bühne von einem Moment auf den anderen von japanischen MCs gestürmt wurde die alle auch noch mal was texten wollten!
Hat wirklich Spaß gemacht, danke Jan, fürs Einladen!!

What a fun evening with a squeaky Japanese girls rockband named Toquiwa and the main act Käptn Peng & die Tentakel der Delphi at the Cyclone, Shibuya. It was a little bit bizarre to go to a german hip-hop concert in the middle of Tokyo but one of the best concerts for a long time. Unfortunately, almost too short!


ein bisschen schräg, ein bisschen schrill aber auf jeden fall spannend. ein abend mit musik inklusive live-kunst, der sich gelohnt hat!