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hokkaido in winter

If you are not interested in winter sports, no need to watch this video. It mainly shows snow. A lot of snow.
in addition to my powderBlog entry, some moving images for Japan tourism promotion and to pay off my GoPro 😉

Falls dich Wintersport nicht interessiert, dieses Video am besten nicht angucken. Denn es geht darin nur um Schnee – und davon jede Menge. Eindrücke von meinem Winterurlaub in Hokkaido hab’ ich ja schon geteilt. Jetzt gibt’s dazu das passende Bewegtbild, damit sich der Kauf der GoPro auch gelohnt hat 😉

Musik: ZOE.LEELA,  Pop Up

powder, powder and powder again!

First of all: Happy new year! Hope you all had a great start into 2015!
Speaking for myself, I had quite a adventurous holiday.
After spending Christmas time in Germany, Sascha & me packed our Camper van for some days in the Hokkaido snow paradise!
Just in case you wonder:
Yes, with the idea of sleeping in the car! Yes, it gets quite cold in Hokkaido in winter time 🙂

Because again we were too lazy to book the ferry from Aorai or Niigata to Hokkaido upfront, we drove to Aomori and took the ferry to Hakodate which goes more often and is more flexible to book short-termed.
Arriving on the northern island, suddenly streets were covered with snow, and I was happy that we came with winter tires and brought snow chains.
After another 2 hour drive we arrived in the Niseko area. Puh, in total our journey took 16hours, and I was not convinced at the first day, it’s gonna be worth it.
The first Ski Area we visited was Niseko Moiwa, known for being less crowded. Which is true, but as well it is somehow small.
But anyway a good, easy start with not as much powder as I expected. This changed over night!

Covered under blankets, the first night was surprisingly warm with only -5 degrees. We parked the Car on a parking area close to the Gondola in Hirafu and next morning we had snow up you the lower door ridge. So therefore the day in the Niskeo Hanazono Ski area was just perfect! Even new powder on the slope and in the backcountry you could totally sink into the fresh powder.
And it continued like this! Only disadvantage was, also the temperature decreased and the wind got very strong for some days, so extra clothes and a hot Onsen bath after the day in the snow was necessary to warm up again.

New Year’s Eve we spend outside with a bunch of Australian people, and a fireworks in front of Mt. Yotei!
And the résumé, of 4 days winter camping in Hokkaido? I have to say, the North of Japan is getting my favourite part of the beautiful country and I’m afraid, I will never have such nice powder snow again back in Europe. Therefore, all the freezing was worth it!

hokkaido road trip #part1

am ende hat doch noch alles geklappt! mit mehr glück als verstand noch einen platz auf der fähre bekommen! ab jetzt wird alles vorab gebucht… nach 4 stunden schifffahrt konnten wir dann den road trip starten. die süd-ost küste entlang bis nach noboribetsu. hier gibt es jede menge heiße quellen und natürliche onsen. nach einem […]

sommerurlaub obon

los geht’s! auto gepackt, garagenschlüssel verlegt, mit 3 stunde verspätung los gekommen. und wir fahren in die ungewissheit, ob wir überhaupt einen platz auf der fähre nach hokkaido bekommen. uns den rastplatz mit 100 anderen japanern geteilt, die gerne mit laufendem motor schlafen und am morgen den eigenen tank leer gefahren, keine tankstelle auf der strecke. der urlaub startet etwas chaotisch 😲


started our road trip to hokkaido – as always it started a little bit chaotic, because we lost the parking key and almost stopped on our way to aomori, because we were running out of gas. at the ferry port we were really lucky to get a place on the ferry because, even it was only the short distance ferry, it was already overbooked. lessons learned: book everything in advance! really everything. it’s japan and it seems everybody is doing it like that …