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tokyo tip: ochanomizu

If you stay in Japan for longer than a holiday, you might get into the situation of searching something specific but not finding it in this huge city! Here is one tip for those, who are looking for:

a) All kind of Guitars & Violins
b) Snowboards, Skis and clothes as well as Bikes

Ochanomizu (so called Tee-water-street), close to Akihabara, might be your solution! Not far from the station you find a street where you can ONLY buy guitars!
Going further you end up on Yasukuni Dori, where one wintersports-shop is followed by the next! Floor by floor stuffed with skis, snowboard and everything else you need to survive the winter.
Be sure you have time when going there….

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… noch nicht ins maid cafe geschafft, das mach ich dann zusammen mit dem nächsten besuch! denn eigentlich ist akihabara, neben viel elektrokrempel und jeder menge manga-läden, bekannt für diese etwas schrägen cafes.