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Mt. Chojagatake / Mt.Tenshigatake

 [experts, challenging]

we just tried Mt. Chojagatake / Mt.Tenshigatake with our Mountainbikes (full suspension bikes). The Trail started with wooden stairs and is only partly passable by bike. We carried the bike quite a while! After about 3km you reach the the first peak. If the weather is nice you should have a nice view above lake Tanuki and Mt. Fuji. In our case it was foggy …

Now a short cross country section starts, which changes to a splinted path and after a while goes up to the mountain again! Time to carry the bike (again)! you will reach the second peak. from here  a really nice cross country trails starts. But again, after a short while it changes to a tough downhill trail! Please only do it with suitably skills and gear. It is not easy and very precipitous!

After you passed this tough part of the trail, comes a fun part trough the woods. Narrow zigzag on soft ground until you reach a small street. From here the path goes even further to the direction of some waterfalls. But we decided to go back to our camping area by a mountain street!

According to your skills and the weather, the Trip can take between 4-5 hours. So plan your time, that you get not stucked in the mountains when it gets dark! (View this Course on MapMyRun)



Nikko (Senjo ga hara trail – up to Lake Yuno)


After hiking from Lake Chuzenji (中 禅寺 湖) up Lake Yuno (湯ノ湖) we tried the same track with our Mountain Bikes the next day early in the morning: Narrow wooden paths and forest trails. However, this was only possible because we got up at 5:45 and had to share the trails with only some wildlife photographers . After 6:30 those populate the whole path with their huge camera lenses. What they are looking for? I’m still not sure!
See some impressions of the trail In the Video (00:35 – 01:18)

Nikko (Kirifuri Higlands)


If you read about Nikko, you will mainly find information about the shrines and some about the nature trails along the lakes and waterfalls.As so often, also this area has more to offer.
By surprise I found some post regarding MTB in Nikko, Kirifuri highlands. Based on that I tried to figure out where is possible to do. And with a little bit of luck, I had a quite nice MTB weekend.

Several remarks. The MTB Trail we took is in general a hiking trail to Mt. Ohyama/Daisen.
If you do it by bike, please don’t go during high season. I don’t know how crowded it will be, but the whole trail is really narrow and not the best place to share it with hikers. We went there end of November and no one was there anymore. As well the course was not in good shape, therefore I assume it is anyway not the most popular one. One entry point is Kirifuri Kogen (日光市霧降高原キスゲ平園地). If you do not have a car, there is an hourly bus from Nikko, or you just paddle up the 10km to ~1200m height. From here you take the Ohyama hiking trail downwards. First part is easy along the wooden stairs, going beneath the road. Form here is getting steeper, with a lot of roots until you reach a crossing in the woods. To the right you can go the Boshin trail, to the left you follow the Ohyama trial up to the Kirifuri Farms (霧降牧場).We went left, but be aware, it’s not an easy trail and you have to carry the bike several times, over a river, trough gates and stony parts.When you climbed up to the farm and the top of Mt Ohyama, its getting easier. Follow the path further to Kirifuri Falls. Now the trail goes trough bumpy heathen and ends on a small road. After following this, for about 5min, the trail goes onto the range land again. Nice & easy back country trough bamboo grass! You will reach a second hut, where you have to decide between left and right. The right track is really steep, so we went left.

No comes the fun part! Follow the path through the woods on the edge of the mountain. Some when it turns slightly right, further into the woods, where it gets a little bit more rocky, but still doable. Follow the track, and when you are not sure, where to go any more keep to the right until you again reach a river. Be aware, there is not really a bridge, so be careful not to get wet feet. After crossing the river, keep next to the river until the trail goes up the hill again. Sorry! Now you have to carry the bike up all the wooden steps. Puh!Here you can choose to take the road, or you stay on the trail, which now turns to an easy hiking path until you reach Krifuru Falls (nice waterfalls for a final sightseeing event). Congrats, you did it, ~13km trough Nikko’s highlands! From here you can go down the road to Nikko!

Preparation: It’s not only riding the bike, but as well a lot of carrying and pushing so bring enough water and food and please don’t do this trail if you not at least a little bit experiences with back country and easy downhill!

Izu (Shimoda)

[moderate – challenging]

What a weekend! After over one year in Japan we actually got back on our Mountain bikes. Thanks to we had a great MTB trip around Shimoda (Thanks Ken!!) Including single tracks, sometimes steep, narrow & stony, sometimes smooth and wide and always with a nice view. The Shimoda area is just impressively beautiful, with so many hidden beaches and trails. If you are interested in riding in Izu, the best idea is to contact aloha bike directly! See here some scenes (02:08 – 02:29)

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