outdoor in japan

japan is not only Tokyo! If you stay here for a while and are not interested in shopping and drinking anymore, just leave the city for some days. You will see you have a lot of choices like hiking, surfing, climbing, free ride skiing …

Hiking is quite common in japan and not really comparable to European hiking. often the paths are just stairs up to the mountain, not really hiking paths. but it can as well happen that you will have a narrow, precipitous path which you should only go with hiking booths and without high-fear!

MTB is not that trendy yet. But it might get more popular in the next years… be aware that due to the difference in hiking paths you cannot always just take a hiking path for MTB without real downhill skills! the paths often have via ferrata sections and not infrequently you need to carry your bike. But if you visit the spots Off Season, you will often be almost alone. And the Japanese people are mostly polite, so they will not complain if you are using a hiking path, as long as you are friendly as well! See some of my MTB experiences here

Surfing is quite popular in japan. Of course it is not Hawaii and depending on the region and season the waves can be quite small. But I just started surfing in japan and took some lessons. For me as a beginner it is a lot of fun!

Snowboarding / skiing should be great! Until now I only got the chance to visit Hokkaido once. It was already really nice, and the snow if much more fluffy then in Europe, but no further experience yet. So I’m looking forward to the next winter season!

Camping I think it is not really comparable to Europe. There are some camping sites, but mostly for tents and not for cars for example. but one good thing is, that you can sleep in your car almost everywhere, without getting in trouble. Also, we visited some camping spots with our camper van and I will share this information on this blog!

#Shimoda #Beaches #MTB #MtTenshigatake #Surfing #Hokkaido #Haamatsuma

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