tamagawa cycling tour

I really thought I’m quite trained at them moment. Going jogging on regular base, hiking, mountain biking…
But the last week showed me the sad truth. I’m still not 100% ready for a Tamagawa cycling tour, following the river from Tokyo up to the mountains an back. Anyway – I did it, but the second day and the last 10km I was really done.
The whole trip included roughly 80km to Okutama, a night at a camping side on a river beach and 70km back home. For almost 60km you can just cycle along the Tama River on a well prepared cycle path. only the last 20km you have to take the main street or the small streets trough the villages to get to the mountains.
We stayed at a the Kawai camping ground and brought our own tent & sleeping bags – not as light weight luggage as it should be 🙂 the area was not crowded at all due to low season so we could enjoy the camp fire at the river all by ourself!
Don’t forget to bring food and drinks – Otherwise the last Kombini is in Mitake!

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About leeloo106

laura mack titelius, living in tokyo japan for three years. Loves Japan's outdoor activities like camping, surfing, MTB, hiking even more than the big city life in Tokyo

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